Luis Alberto Alegrett

Asesor Fiduciario

[email protected]

Economist, graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, with studies in International Economics and Financial Investments at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

With extensive work experience in banking, I held Management and Vice President positions in the areas of Credit, Audit, Finance and Trust, for several banking institutions in Caracas and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington, D.C., USA. UU.

His professional activity is dedicated, in its entirety, to fiduciary counseling and education since 1996, contributing to the structuring and fiduciary development in several Latin American countries. With more than 32 years of experience in the fiduciary field.

He has been hired as a consultant for several fiduciary institutions, banking authorities and supervisory bodies, both in Venezuela and in several countries, in addition to being a consultant for several companies in the form of trusts.

Founding Chairman of the Latin American Trust Committee, 1990-1994.

He has participated continuously in the 28 annual congresses and 29 ordinary committees of COLAFI from 1990 until the close. In some students of the list of exhibitors, official speaker and organizer, in addition to being a member of several academic committees.

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Trust Committee of Latin America and the Trust Committee of the Banking Association of Venezuela.

Currently, since 2007, he serves as Academic Coordinator and Professor of the Diploma of Trust of the Banking Association of Venezuela, awarded by the Metropolitan University of Caracas, according to the promotions.

He is the author of “The History of COLAFI” with four editions (Mexico and Venezuela) in closing, and articles on the Trust in several national and international publications, as well as a practical study guide: “The Trust and its applications”.

Additionally, with extensive experience in the production of cultural events.